Meet the Team

Teresa Glanville

I started No 96 Furnishings initially as a hobby, and it has blossomed from there. Spurred on by the positive feedback I have been getting from my customers, many of whom have come back for their second, third or even more pieces, I came to the conclusion that the next logical step was to open a shop. I have had my eye on the old florist shop in pound street for quite some time, and always dreamed of opening up shop there, and couldn't believe my luck when it became available. Egged on and fully supported by my lovely husband (who is able to help out with furniture repairs when needed), I took the plunge just before Christmas, and whilst the premises needed some considerable TLC to knock into shape, I was determined to fulfil my dream.

So now, I am able to combine my continued work of upcycling furniture which I love doing, with stocking local crafters work as well as some members of my talented family's work, but also a specially selected, somewhat eclectic mix of quality soft furnishings and home accessories that complement my own work.

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future.

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