Finishing Touches

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    The finishing touches that every house needs - the bits and bobs that make us happy
    133 products
    Burgundy Blue White Yellow +7
    Stolen Form - London Brick Vase
    White Natural
    Wooden Standing Star
    from £8.00
    Ocean Blue Pink Forest Green Natural
    Mandala Vase - Recycled Glass
    Sold Out
    Turquoise Pink Blue Grey
    Small Stone Dinosaur Sculpture
    Blue Green Yellow
    Loft Vases
    Amber Smoke Fig
    Medium Glass Owl Vase
    Topaz Blue Light Blue Amber Pink +4
    Origami Vase - Recycled Glass
    from £10.75
    Red Stone Giraffe Sculpture
    Sold Out
    Green Toucan on a Stand
    Sale price £6.50 Regular price £12.50 Save £6
    Sold Out
    Soldier Ornament 1
    Sold Out
    Green Bird on a Stand
    Sale price £9.00 Regular price £17.50 Save £8.50
    Natural White Dark Grey Grey
    Wooden Glass Hurricane Lamp
    from £23.95
    Owl Ornament
    Felt Plants
    from £11.95
    Ocean Blue Fossil Grey
    Diamond Bottle Vase - Recycled Glass
    Topaz Blue Pink Juniper Green Almond +1
    Martos Vase - Recycled Glass
    from £14.25
    Bird Book Ends
    Groovy Art Dachshund
    Natural White-distressed finish Grey
    Wooden Tealight Holders
    from £4.75
    Sold Out
    Gavin the Gorilla
    Sold Out
    Soldier Ornament 2
    Ball Votive Autumn Tealight
    Blue Green Red Turquoise
    Hurricane Tealight Holder - Recycled Glass
    Sold Out
    Groovy Art Cat Sitting
    Green Blue Yellow
    Sprocket Water Jug
    Sale price £12.50 Regular price £23.00 Save £10.50
    Blue Green Pink Red +1
    Spotty Boots Dinky Duck
    Round Fluted Vase - Recycled Glass
    from £17.50
    Airforce Blue Mulberry Forest Green Amber
    Spiral Vase - Recycled Glass
    Sold Out
    LOVE Bottle Set
    Sold Out
    Soldier Ornament 4
    Sold Out
    Soldier Ornament 3
    Sold Out
    Grey Heart Wax Burner Dish Set
    Large White Metal Barn Star
    Sold Out
    Leopard Statue
    Sale price £18.00 Regular price £30.00 Save £12
    Nihon Vase - Recycled Glass
    Light Blue Pink Olive Green Green +1
    Simplicity Round Vase - Recycled Glass
    from £14.50
    Leopard Book Ends
    Sold Out
    Frog King Ornament
    Black Yellow Green Cobalt Blue +8
    Glass Polka Dot Light Pull
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