Soap on a Rope

I have promised myself this will be the last mention of Christmas until October, September is going to be C word free!!


Right – Christmas shopping for men, not easy is it? Socks again……Zzzzzzzz. That was my task when we were at the Harrogate fair. Find suitable things for the chaps. Phew – just have a coffee while we think, ok a cake as well then – sugar rush to help the thinking power. What kind of gifts could fit in our shop and appeal to people…


Cufflinks thought I, that might be a plan. However, apart from cheesy ones or down right expensive ones, that went out of the window. Gadgets, all men love a gadget, corkscrews, screwdrivers, little penknives, not really us – keep thinking. (Temptations in town have every area of that covered anyway). Ooh – soc…… nope not socks!


Off to find Flood Gallery to place an order there – their film posters go down well with men. Done that, what else can we get? Leather wallets – great idea. Ok, on reflection might be in the same bracket as socks. At least you need lots of pairs of socks, how many wallets does he need? Scrap that idea. I bought myself a bit of time placing an order for the fabulous Playforever cars we sell – also a hit with the men. I pass a stand selling socks – I’m very tempted but determined to find something more exciting.


I am learning that sadly having a shop doesn’t suddenly make you an expert on buying for men. If any of you would like to make suggestions on what you would like to see in the shop for the men in your life please feel free to step in and message us!


Then we pass a stand called ‘Sting in the Tail’ and I spy soap on a rope! I am transported right back to childhood – Christmas wasn’t complete unless you received one. Starfish, angels, cars – they came in all shapes and sizes. These were a must and could be perfect for men! So later in a month or so you will be able to buy rugby ball, football and fish soap on a rope. Marvellous – we also picked some other fun toiletries and rubs for the bikers out there.


Right, the jobs a good ‘un! I have something for the men. Time for lunch -  but maybe still need that exciting something. Think, think, think……


Sod it -  I’m off to find a supplier of fabulous socks!!


A few examples from Sting in the Tail.